Dos and Don’ts in Cleaning Your Car Windows

The windows of your car, especially the windshield, are the first lines of protection from dirt, smoke and even flying debris outside. Windows that are not regularly cleaned would cost you a lot in the future once the dirt would start building up and would be difficult to remove. It would also cost you your life if you leave your windshield cloudy and full of streaks, most especially when driving at night. In order for you to keep your windows and mirrors in top shape and avoid spending a lot for replacement or cleaning, keep in mind the following.



  1. Clean your windows and mirrors regularly.

This is the most important thing to do to avoid dirt build up on the glass. Some build ups are hard to remove with regular cleaners.

  1. Use micro-fiber towels to clean your windows and mirrors.

These towels do not scratch your windows and would remove all the residue on the glass they touch. You would be able to get rid of streaks and lint with these towels, too.

  1. Clean your windows and mirrors last.

If you are doing a general cleaning of the entire car, it is recommended to work on the glass parts last. This would prevent you from cleaning them all over again because it could be re-contaminated during the cleaning process.

  1. Use up and down, and side to side strokes when wiping the surface of the glass.

Compared to the usual circular motion most people do, the up-down and back and forth motion would clean the entire surface better.


  1. Use cleaners with ammonia.

Not only is this chemical dangerous for your health because of the harmful fumes it emits, it also causes damage to the glass especially if it is tinted.

  1. Use only one towel for wiping the surface and buffing.

You should use two different towels or use one side for each.

  1. Clean your windows under direct sunlight.

The heat of the sun would make your cleaners evaporate quickly and would leave fumes behind that could be dangerous when inhaled. Also, fast evaporation would create spots on the glass. 4. Forget the wipers. In cleaning windows, make sure that the wipers are well treated and well maintained. Wipers can cause expensive damage to the windows when they are not cleaned or replaced when they get old. You can learn more about mobile auto glass services in Lawrenceville here.