Five Signs That Your Windshield Requires a Repair or Replacement

Some car owners ignore cracks and scratches on their windshield. Replacing a windshield can be a bit pricey depending on the damage. However, leaving your car like that will make you vulnerable to accidents.


Now, would you rather sacrifice your safety over just a few hundreds of dollar? It is simple to identify a windshield that requires replacement or a repair. Check out these five signs listed below to see if your car’s windshield needs a replacement or a repair.

Cracks in the Windshield

Cracks are unsafe. It can affect your vision while driving. In fact, it is often the cause of some road accidents. If you see cracks in your windshield, immediately take action by asking an auto glass repair near you. Also, one crack can lead to further damage. Thus, remedy it fast to prevent worse damages.

Chips and Scratches

Although chips and scratches on a windshield seem not a huge problem, to tell you the truth, these damages are dangerous and could lead to accidents. Chips and scratches can obscure your vision and may lead to further damages. Therefore, to avoid a total replacement of your windshield asks for a technician for an auto glass repair near your location.

Extent of the Damage on Windshield

Small cracks, chips, and scratches on windshield look harmless at first glance. However, despite how small the damage is, it can lead to unwanted accidents especially if you going on a long road trip. Remember that any large auto glass damage started first with minor cracks. Do not wait for this to happen in your own car.

Windshield Damage on Driver’s Line of Sight

Some tolerate having cracks on the sides of their windshield, but would you still do so if it is directly placed on your line of sight? Windshield damages directly on the driver’s line of sight are very dangerous. Such damages may cause your windshield to shatter and since it is on the driver’s line of sight, it will certainly cause grave eye injuries to the driver.

Number of Damage

One crack on your windshield is too many. Do not wait for your windshield to have more scratches or chips. Though three two cracks are not severely dangerous, yet, it is not safe at all. You have to check the extent of damage not only on your windshield but also at the back of the car and side glass. What you need is a trained and expert person in auto glass repair. You can ask for a quote on mobile auto glass repair in Suwanee through Suwanee Auto Glass Network.