The Common Web Design Mistakes That Every Web Designer Avoid

Building a website is not an easy task, even a professional IT can attest to that. With hundreds of websites launched each day, who would have thought that some of these were reviewed and tinkered several times just to perfect them? Here are the common web design blunders that every web designer tries to avoid:


  1. Slow-Loading

Did you know that for every more than 250 milliseconds that the page loads, there are three out of five web users would give up and leave the website? According to experts, the loading time of every page is crucial to the website’s success. In fact, this common mistake is one of the major contributing factors to site abandonment.

  1. Web Inconsistency

Who would want to waste their time on a website that is less creative, less organized, and no direction? In web designing, there are rules and guidelines to follow – every web should have a consistent flow. According to the experts, 76 percent of web users value the web consistency or usability than its actual design. So, a page that is less organized and is difficult to navigate, is most likely to be abandoned.

  1. Contents that are Out-of-date

A website with out-of-date contents is a dead website. According to the experts, web users usually abandon a website that has old contents, old blogs, old photos, and old web design; this shows that the business or the website had been neglected. That is one of the reasons why, a weekly or monthly web updates are needed to increase website visitors.

  1. Having a Bad Logo

Your logo is what defines your brand and your business. However, a website with a bad logo is most likely to be abandoned by web users than those with good ones. Did you know that most of the web users trust a website with a reputable logo? If you want to have a successful website, make sure to plan your web logo thoroughly.

  1. Does not have Sharing Options

Social media sites have become effective alternative search engines and promoting sites. So, neglecting to add sharing options (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, and more) can be a major cause of web design failure.

Web designing is not easy. There are several rules and guidelines to follow to avoid mistakes and to have a successful web launch. If you are having a problem creating your own website, you may visit the Smart Website Creations’ website now. They are one of the trusted¬†social media experts in Suwanee GA¬†that you do not want to miss.