The Timeless Beauty of Jazz Music

Although electronic music is becoming the mainstream preference of most people in this generation, classic and jazz music are still popular. Older people are not the only ones who love jazz music, but also a substantial number of the new generation as well. However, modern, electronic music holds a lot of appeal because of its unpredictable and novel sound.


The way jazz has survived the influx of new music genres is impressive. There are plenty of reasons as to why its appeal is something that is appreciated by different generations. Jazz artists like Shola Emmanuel are able to produce new music while at the same time reintroducing the younger generation to jazz music of the yesteryears. Here are some of the most notable reasons why jazz is still one of the most solid music genres around.

  1. Jazz music is timeless.

Unlike music that appeals to novelty and trends, jazz is one of the types of music that is able to keep audiences interested. For some reason, jazz doesn’t seem to sound like old music but rather something that is always in tune with the soulful taste of melodic tunes. Jazz can be incorporated with electronic music production, but the fundamental form of jazz is still the best.

  1. Playing or creating jazz music doesn’t require a lot of equipment.

Jazz music can be played with just one instrument. In contrast to modern music production, jazz is extremely simple to create and play. Even if modern music composition would supposedly only require a laptop, the truth is that there are numerous external equipment and peripherals required to be able to produce music that’s worth releasing to the public.

  1. A jazz musician can easily set-up for an impromptu presentation.

Ever thought of taking out a saxophone at the corner of a busy street and just play some jazz and entertain people passing by? Well, imagine trying to do just that using a laptop with attached speakers and other peripherals. It doesn’t look as great, obviously. Jazz musicians simply have to put together several parts of their instruments to start playing and look good doing it. Playing electronic music on public is not that impressive, really. Although to be fair, hard work is a part of electronic music production. But that’s not something that is reflected when simply pressing the play button.

Jazz music is generally considered as the genre that best touches the soul of music. It’s like playing music for the sake of music. It’s not surprising that decades into the future, jazz is still going to be one of the most popular genres around.