Who Can You Ask to Know the Safety and Reliability of a Compounding Pharmacy?

The role of compounding pharmacies is to create and provide drugs for patients and medical professionals. They offer customized medicines to customers based on the prescription of doctors. Compounding pharmacies alter the formulation and substances in a medicine to maximize its effect to a person. For example, there are patients with allergies on some medicinal compounds, the purpose of these pharmacies is to remove the substance which causes the allergic reaction and replace it with a substance having similar characteristics without inducing allergies. Hence, the purpose of a compounding pharmacy is to give the right formulation of medicine to help in treating the illness of a person.


Albeit, the goal of compounding pharmacies is to offer the best treatment for patients, some can offer risk to your health. Malign, fraud and unsafe compounding pharmacies are dangerous. You can get contaminated medicines from this type of pharmacies. Taking in unsafe medicinal products can lead you to infections, health complications, and other severe disorders. Then, how can you guarantee that the compound pharmacy you are dealing with produces safe products? Here is where pharmaceutical private and government entities come in.


When you buy consumable products, especially medicines, you are always asked to see if the product has FDA and GMP accreditation. The FDA is an organization which aims to protect the safety of consumers. They impose sets of regulation and standardization which stores and consumable product manufacturers are required to comply. The FDA guarantees the safety of products by only allowing producers who are able to follow the guidelines and regulations of the board to sell in the market.

The compounding pharmacies are also subjected to the laws of FDA. The organization provides a specific list of substances which pharmacies are permitted to use as ingredients in medicines. Thus, if a pharmaceutical manufacturer does not own FDA certificate, it is best to avoid their products.

Pharmacy Compounding Board (PCAB)

The PCAB is an independent organization which regulates compounding pharmacies. This body offers a seal of approval to pharmacies that passed their inspection and comply with the necessary requirements to produce medicines. Having PCAB seal is a necessary aspect for pharmacies. Therefore, before dealing with a compounding pharmacy you should ask whether they hold PCAB certification or not.

Aside from FDA and PCAB, other agencies which help in monitoring pharmaceutical and healthcare services are the Drug Enforcement Administration and USP National Formulary.

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